Greetings From Ruata and Nutei Hmar in Mizoram, India

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It’s been about 80 days since we left Atlanta for Aizawl, Mizoram, India, but we feel like yesterday as our hearts,mind and spirit remain staying back in Georgia.

We wanted to share with you and give a report of what we had been doing here in India, but due to the poor internet connectivity and time constraint we could not do it very soon. Even now we wait for late night to get better internet reception.

From the very next day after we arrived Aizawl Theological College (ATC), Ruata started teaching in the seminary to catch up the scheduled as the seminary had already started before we arrived. This ATC has 142 students residing in the campus including advanced course student. We live in the seminary campus at the faculty quarters as well.

Currently we are busy with settling down in a new faculty quarters (though old building) and buying new utensils, furniture, clothes, including bed sheets as the quarters does not carry any facilities except wooden benches and chairs. We spent time, energy and money to live here, but we feel fortunate for living in this house which is big and safe. We thank God for providing us everything we need through the church and the seminary. The seminary has prayer mount for everybody which is very close to our house and appropriate for private devotion. Nutei goes to this mountain every morning after breakfast and praying for Columbia Church and missionaries.

Ruata is keeping busy with his teaching and preaching in different churches on Sunday. He got many invitations from local churches and non-profit organization to deliver messages of God. He is already engaged for all Sundays of September month and some Sundays in November including next year youth annual conference. He would be very grateful if you could uphold him in your prayers that he may be a channel of hope for people.

Nutei has contacted Synod Hospital authority for voluntary work among HIV/AIDS patient as she did before. Since the policy and management of HIV/AIDS department is under revision, the Hospital is not in the position of taking Nutei as a volunteer. So she is looking for serving in the church and society for God,at the same time she is involving in women’s fellowship in the Church and monitoring campus house cleaning for international visitors.

We are sad to hear the demised of Sandra Love, who rendered love and care for our family from the very beginning of our life in USA. We are praying for her family and we thank God for her great life. We missed her and wished to attend at the funeral service, but did not make it.And we are sure that we will her again in her heavenly home.

Thank you all for your love and support.We miss you a lot.

God loves you so do we.

Grace and peace.


Ruata and Nutei

Aizawl Theological College,

Aizawl- Pin.796001

Mizoram, India.

Phone: (011-91-9485140303/ 011-9-9485140304


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