What is your Sunday worship service like?

If you are used to the worship rhythms of a mainline denomination church, then you will recognize a similar pattern in our worship. If you aren’t used to worshiping in a church like CPC, we divide our worship into four sections . . . Welcoming . . . Hearing the Word . . . Responding to the Word . . . Going Out into the World. Within these four parts of worship, you will have the opportunity to pray, sing, confess sins, greet one another with the peace of Christ, hear the scriptures, listen to a sermon (sometimes), affirm what you believe using ancient or contemporary words that tell of our belief in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, time to pray for others and ourselves, an opportunity to share your money for the work and mission of the church, and then be blessed to go out and live our lives as Christ calls us to do. We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month as well as on many other special worship occasions. Creative worship is very important at CPC. Our music is wide and varied from the powerful voice of an opera singer to the rich blending of acoustic strings. I don’t believe you will find our worship is stagnant and boring . . . it is meant to be shared with each other to the glory of our God.


When should I arrive?

It is more important that you come, than when you come! Parking is convenient with handicapped spaces clearly marked on both sides of the Sanctuary. If you arrive in our parking lot 10 minutes before the service begins at 11:00am, you will have plenty of time.


What can I expect on my first visit?

If you come on a Sunday morning you can expect to see people of every age. People will be dressed in everything from jeans to suits! If you come early, there is coffee just inside the Narthex as you enter the Sanctuary with folks to welcome you!


Are there other times when you worship?

A Taize prayer service is offered every Tuesday evening at 7p.m. If a Taize Prayer Service is new to you, the songs are not meant to be sung as hymns, but helps the songs to become a prayer. Each chant is repeated many times. The repetition enables you to not only learn to chant, but so that the songs may become a prayer out of your heart. This is a service in which time is suspended. Silence is a central part of this service and is meant to be a gift to you and others who live in our complex and busy world. In the silence, we listen for the still quiet voice of God speaking to us and we take time to speak to the Lord out of our own hearts.