Mapuia Crisis Center (MCC) Report

September 2017 to July 2018

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Now over two years old, the Mapuia Crisis Center (MCC), founded by Ruata and Nutei Hmar in Mizoram, India, continues to provide mental health services to their community. The MCC is supported by an advisory board formed here at Columbia Presbyterian Church.

As the prophet told the people in Isaiah 41:10, You are not alone, so the MCC continues to provide services to prevent suicide, to bring hope to those affected by suicide, and to promote mental health service in the community. Named in memory of their son, Mapuia Hmar, the Center is committed to developing mental health and suicide prevention programs in the state of Mizoram.


Here is Ruata’s recent report on the work being accomplished by the Center.

1. Number of New Clients: 76 NEW CLIENTS

2. Clients Record:

MonthNo. ClientMain Problems
September 20179 –(M-3/ F-6)-Stress, anxiety, relationship Problem
October 20173 –(F-3)-Depression, Stress, etc.
November 20176 –(M-1/ F-5)-Relationship Problems, Stress, etc.
December 20172 –(F-2)-Relationship Problem
January 20186 –(F-6)– Relationship problem/ Suicidal tendency
February 20186– (F-6)– Marital Problem, etc.,
March 20186- (F-6)– Anxiety, Stress, etc.,
April 20185 – (M-2/ F-3)– Relationship Problems, Anxiety, etc.,
May 20184 – (M-4)– Drug addicted
June17 (M-13/F-4)-Men with addiction problems; Female with relationship problems.
July 201812 –( M-11/ F-1)Men with alcohol problem’ Female of suicide tendency.
New Clients Total–     76
Grand Total of Clients–     150

(Male 66/ Female 84)


3. New Visitors (non-client) : 105 (September 2017 – July 2018)

4. Total Visitor : 383 ( November 2016- July 2018)

5. On World Suicide Prevention Day (2017),

Rev. Ruata talked on Radio about Suicide prevention and broadcasted all over the state and neighboring states and abroad.

6. All India Radio (AIR) Live Phone-In.

Rev Ruata was engaged in All India Radio, Aizawl for Live-phone-in (Telephone) program on Mental health and suicide prevention. This was broadcasted on live in and outside Mizoram.

7. Youth Camping and Conferences

Rev Ruata was busy with Youth Camps, and Annual Conferences in different churches within and outside the city. These events were appropriate to teach mental and spiritual health issues for the teenagers.

8. MCC Anniversary 2017

MCC anniversary was observed as rededication of the Center, and as a day of prayer at the center in which some advisory members and friends attended.

9. Survivors of Suicide (SOS)

Survivors of Suicide (SOS) group members are increasing (which is not a good sign though), but whenever there is a report of new completed suicide in and outside the city, SOS members go and meet the grieving family as soon as possible to console and provide pastoral care and comfort. SOS sometimes organized informal meeting for sharing and discussion on spiritual issues, which is very therapeutic for all participants.

10. City Police Department invited MCC for help

The Superintendent of Police (SP), head of Aizawl (headquarters) District, and his colleagues invited Rev. Ruata to help them in their struggle for saving the life of policemen who are addicted to drug. As a result of the meeting with SP and staff, all addicted ( 13 of them) came to MCC for one-on-one counseling from the last week of May 2018 till today (August 2018).Regular appointment is made for one client for one day, another client for next day and so on with the permission of SP for leave from work. By the grace of God, some of these clients changing their life from addiction to normal life which is very touching to see them. Some clients brought their family for better help and recovery and they still coming till today.While we still serving for drug addicted people, again another request from Superintendent of Police to help them in dealing with policemen who are addicted to alcohol. From July 23, 2018, eight persons with alcoholic came to MCC every day for individual counseling. As a result of our humble services, some of these clients stop drinking and find new life again, praise the Lord. As of now, MCC is busy everyday serving people from police department along with others who come from different corners.We do not know how long the police department is sending its people here. We offer our service and promise that we are open all the time for those who need for recovering their life and find new hope in their life. Please pray for all the MCC clients that they may come back to normal life and find peace and joy

11.New Staff

MCC staff. Mr. R. Lalrinkima, who had been working as a fulltime counselor for one year from last June 2017, left MCC for his master of theology degree course at Aizawl theological College. Mr. LalrinKima did a good job in dealing others in their suffering and problems, even though he left MCC, he still continue seeing his old clients at MCC on Saturday as he is free from his regular schedules from school.Mr. Lalrotlinga, a theology graduate of Bachelor of divinity (BD) joined MCC in place of Mr. Lalrinkima. He is always busy from his first day with seeing clients, particularly seeing policemen every day. He is a man prayer and devoted Christian, his sincerely and humility is one of the source of healing for clients.


MCC is preparing to present Live Television (TV) show in National TV (Doordarshan Kendra) program for 30 minutes on World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10, 2018) by panel discussion on suicide prevention and the role of community. This TV program is run by the government of India for North East region and Myanmar, and has many viewers. We are grateful to DDK authority for giving us this opportunity to talk on mental health issues.On this day of World Suicide Prevention, Rev. Ruata will give messages to Mizo people on suicide prevention through All India Radio (AIR), Aizawl Station.

13.God is Good.

Thank you God for using MCC for center of healing for depressed people, people who have lost their relationship with God and fellow human beings through our humble services and prayers of Advisory Board members here in Mizoram and US, and friends from different places.


If you would like to support the Mapuia Crisis Center, please send your donations to Columbia Presbyterian Church, 711 Columbia Drive, Decatur, GA 30030. Please mark checks “Mapuia Crisis Center”.