Columbia Updates

Date: October 28, 2018


Decatur-area Emergency Assistance Ministry provides emergency help for local residents to prevent homelessness and hunger.

Help Fill Up the DEAM Food Pantry

  •  soup of any kind… especially chunky chicken, and chicken noodle
  •     canned chili (with or w/out beans)
  •     small packages yellow rice
  •     canned baked beans
  •     canned yams
  •     canned pineapple
  •     canned chicken
  •     small boxes of corn muffin mix
  •     deodorant
  •     bar soap
  •     toothpaste
  •     toilet paper

I was hungry…and you gave me something to eat


Giuseppe Awaits Asylum at Columbia Presbyterian

Read post here:

columbia presbyterian in our thoughts

Sue Lawson

Rehabilitation at A. G. Rhodes (Wesley Woods)

Dot Smythe

Rehabilitation at Pruitt Healthcare in Chamblee

Nicole Miller’s Father

Continued treatment for cancer

Charlotte McCord’s Niece, Carol

and sister Jeannie

Nancy Bono

Susan Hagood’s sister, Chemo Treatment

Hannah Lefton

Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal

Our Homebound

H. N. Towrey, Kay Potter, Dru Carter, Jack and Nonagene Freeman


If you have a prayer request, please contact the church office at 404-284-2441

or email at [email protected]