Dear Church Family,


Thank you so much for your generous gift to our ministry!  Gifts of any size help,  but such generosity goes a long way.


This Fri.-Sun afternoon is the yearly Presbytery meeting.  Yes, the Presbytery ONLY meets yearly!   It is only a three hour drive for us, but some people live over 1,000 miles from the meeting, they fly or take a bus..  It will end with lunch so we’ll have time to get home for the worship service at 7 pm.  This is the first Presbytery meeting I have attended, so I’m anxious to see friends and curious about what will happen to cover a year’s worth of business.  Gordon has taken the session meetings’ minutes to another town to be legally registered.  Unfortunately in our town, it can’t be done.  Gordon only had to go about 30 minutes to a nearby town that has that type of office.  In some areas the rules aren’t followed, but in other areas you must follow the rules strictly.  The National church only excepts legal receipts, but in our small towns, some stores don’t offer legal receipts, as it would cost them to set up  a system that did.  Computers have made even most things in our town very technical.


January was vacation month for the schools and a number of other folks.  Now we’re back in the regular routine of school.  Yesterday I began giving English classes again.  The adults couldn’t come, but I enjoyed the elementary age children. I just have one children’s class in the afternoon and one adult class in the evening.   They meet on Mon. and Wed.  Tues.and Thurs. we have Prayer Meeting and Bile Study.  The PCUSA doesn’t like me offering too many English classes, as they want more of my work in Portuguese, but the local folks want classes at other times, too.  The National Presbyterian church thinks it could be a good outreach to the community.  I also give classes Tues. morning and afternoon to children who participate in a Federal Program for children who would be on the streets or doing “unfair” work when not in school.


The church took advantage of school vacation and had Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the first time in many years.  The pastor, Rev. Berenice really wanted to have VBS after many years without one.  We let her plan it and we helped carry out her wishes.  The children gathered in the sanctuary for singing to large pictures and words on the wall    In one song God was compared to the soccer coach and we were His team. The music was fun and lively.  Then they heard a five day series of stories on the work of a missionary in Mexico and Bible stories.  There was a daily Memory Bible verse with activities to help them learn it, followed by games.  Naturally we had to end with refreshments.  We had lots of visitors.  One day 23 children participated.  A number of children had never been in a church before while others regularly attend other churches. Please pray that the children who aren’t active in a church will continue to come to our Sat. Children’s Program and Sunday school. It was a fun time for the children and church members.  Many adults worked together to make this possible.